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  Trailer port operation process
Domestic goods export operation process (container shipment)
1, heavy box approach - tow truck driver provides "heavy boxes into the harbor" and "transfer of equipment", content must include: to be entering the container number, the lead title, name of goods, weight, preparing shipping name, voyage, the port of destination, box, and belongs to the company name, shipper unit name, the carrier unit name, trailers, trailer driver name, the condition of container body.
2, the shipping company making export shipment list, manifest terminal room;
3, terminal program mononuclear, ship loading - dock planner receives the export manifest, check the documents of the box number, box, such as the amount of data whether with the actual situation match, the loading plan;
4, scheduling dispatching of shipping operation, terminal control room command mechanical loading;
5, when the operation is completed, the ship (or by tallymen representative) and terminal handover confirmation procedures.
Domestic goods import operation (container ship unloading and shipping)
1, the ship to Hong Kong, the shipping agency in advance of the imported class pass terminal program;
2, planner audit of import manifest, unloading plan (such as barge, to Hong Kong to promptly to the scheduling of Quay, planning report);
3, the ship to port of unloading operation dispatching, scheduling, command and control room terminal machine unloading operation;
4, when the operation is completed, the ship (or by tallymen representative) and terminal handover confirmation procedures;
5, if the customer requirements are boat straight, can in the ship to Hong Kong to advance to the business hall for the bill of lading, do the delivery reservation, ship alongside the berth, notify the shipping company fleet sent a car to the designated berth while waiting for. Wharf sent unloading operation, arrange the container direct ship unloading loading, carrying containers out of the gate;
6, the non straight boat, after the arrival of the goods, the customer holding a valid bill of lading to business application platform for delivery procedures. Apply for a business check and correct documents, issue bills of lading (booking) dock;
7, the delivery person sent a car to the dock, quay with certificate together with the transfer of equipment to the dock gate to play a single suitcase;
8, the gate of the print job handed to the trailer driver entry to the specified location in the control room waiting for loading, mechanical loading operation command;
9, in the terminal out of the gate, out of the gate of the staff once again check the container number, after confirmation shall be released.

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