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Container freight station operation practice container import business process
A delivery service, devanning
Unpacking delivery, cargo distribution type inland port station, the main business in the freight import cargo and the general requirements for:
1 do a good job in preparation for delivery. Container freight station in before vessel's arrival, from the shipping company or shipping obtained relevant documents, including the copy of bill of lading, cargo manifest, packing list, reports of damage to cargo and special cargo table. In ship arrival time, unloading and storage plan, freight station and yard contact, to determine the extraction container consolidation time and make unpacking delivery schedule, make unpacking delivery preparations.
2 issue of delivery notice. Freight station should be based on unpacking delivery plan, timely notice of the date of delivery to the consignee.
3 from the yard to receive cargo container. And terminal connection, a freight station can be from the yard (wharf or inland) receive the cargo containers, and go through the formalities for transfer of equipment or internal handover procedures.
4 delivery and devanning containers. Take the goods from the box, according to the packing list records out of order, the goods shall be stockpiled according to votes. After unpacking should be empty as soon as possible back yard, and handle the transfer of equipment or internal transfer procedures. The freight station represents the carrier to the consignee. Consignee receive the goods, shall be issued by the issued by the shipping company or other transport operators and customs clearance of the bill of lading (delivery records), freight station ticket check, goods without error, you can deliver the goods. In the delivery of the goods, the consignee shall sign on the record of delivery, if any, should be indicated on the delivery record.
5 collect the relevant fees. Delivery, freight station should check the delivery of the goods station in the period whether custody, again carrying costs, such as, in charge after delivery of the goods.
6 make delivery report and non delivery report. Container freight station in the delivery end of the work, should according to the cargo delivery making delivery report and non delivery report, and send to the shipping company or other transport operators, as they deal with damages, urge provided as basis.
Two, transportation and inland depot delivery service
Container cargo from a ship unloaded into the yard, such as the need to transport (mostly combined transport of goods), the terminal shall be according to the flow direction, the unified organization to the inland port for the transport. Due to the inland port from the port far, cargo container transport in mostly by rail, by train, fast train or vehicle transport. The main business and requirements of the inland port station are the main business of the inland port station after the arrival of the container cargo through the special railway line:
1 accept the relevant documents, do a good job in connection, unloading preparation work.
2 for the transfer of goods, organization and unloading of the goods to the stacking yard.
3 delivery of goods in the yard. The above business content and requirements are basically the same as the requirements of the terminal yard.
4 on the need to transport the goods and unified organization, further work.
5 recovery of empty container. Container freight station inland port container transportation system an important part and the thinning of the goods is guarantee the container transport to achieve the economies of scale of one of the basic conditions and in the container multimodal transport of goods plays an important role.
The above 9 kinds of ways, is the basic way of handing over the container cargo in the container transportation. In addition to the loading port terminal yard (or seaport container freight station) to the unloading port container yard (or unloading port container freight station) and handover method applicable to shipping a single mode of transport (including offshore transport), other transfer way are container multimodal transport of goods under the handover.


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