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What is the bullwhip effect
The bullwhip effect is a term in economics, refers to the supply chain of a variation of the amplification phenomenon, is the information flow from the end client towards the end of the original supplier to transfer, unable to effectively realize the information sharing, makes the information distortion and progressively enlarged, resulting in the demand information is more and more big fluctuations, this information is distorted amplification in the figure is like a root thrown from the bull. It is vividly called the bullwhip effect. Can be in the upstream of the supply side compared to the tip, downstream user likened the roots, once root jitter, delivered to tip end can fluctuate greatly.
In the process of marketing the variation of demand amplification phenomenon is popularly known as "the bullwhip effect". It is universally exists in the marketing of high risk, vendors and suppliers on the demand forecast revision, order quantity decision, price fluctuations, shortage of game, inventory, imbalances and cope with environmental variation of the game results, increase the supplier's production, supply, inventory management and marketing of instability. Enterprises from six aspects to avoid or defuse demand variance amplification effect: that is order classification management; strengthening the storage management, reasonable inventory responsibility sharing; shortening leadtime, outsourcing service; to avoid the shortage of the game behavior; reference to historical data, appropriate reduction correction, partial to send; advance payment term.
"Bullwhip effect" is commonly existing in the marketing activities of high risk, it aggravated the supplier supplies and inventory risk, and even disrupt production business plan and marketing management order, leading to chaos in the production, supply and marketing, to solve the problem of "bullwhip effect" is a prerequisite for normal enterprise marketing management and good service to our customers.

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