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How to declare the export goods
1, reporting time and place of reporting. When the goods are exported, the shipper shall report to the customs 24 hours before the loading of the goods. Specifically, the general in the export of the goods shipped to docks, stations, airports, post offices and other warehouse, site, the provisions of the customs of the 24 hours before to the customs declaration. According to the regulations, the export goods shall be declared by the shipper in the customs declaration of the goods.
2, customs declaration should have the documents. Declaration of export goods shall be filled out in two copies of the "Declaration of export goods" and with the export license, invoice, packing list and shipping documents. After the customs declaration, the customs also need to sign and review the documents.
3, the export of products to refund the tax on domestic products. Export enterprises to apply for tax refund shall provide two single two votes, that is, the export goods declaration, the bank export settlement and export sales invoices, export products purchase invoice, are entitled to tax rebate enterprises have the right to operate import and export and bear the task to earn foreign exchange through export of foreign trade companies, industrial enterprises entrusted with the right to operate import and export enterprises export the self-produced products and also allowed for tax refund.

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