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Hunan high-speed heavy regulation of dangerous goods transpo
At noon on June 4, high-speed traffic police Shao Huai Police Brigade squadron of Xuefeng mountain in Xuefengshan tunnel two-way fire station duty at this time, the car was "explosive" and "dangerous goods" warning words heavy tank semi-trailer towing vehicle into a restricted area, the police on duty found the car driving slowly, occupation sensitive let police think there are suspected of trying to illicit transport of dangerous goods from the Xuefeng mountain tunnel through the car. Police will guide into the Xuefengshan head fire station inspection point, found the grades for Anhui C75665 heavy tank semi-trailer tractor carrying more than 30 tons of diesel oil and non dangerous goods transport permits. According to reflect the driver, he affiliated belongs to automobile transportation Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province Wuhe County Bridge, from Guizhou shipped diesel oil to Yongzhou, via Shaohuai Expressway River Service Zone security understanding to the transport of dangerous goods vehicles not allowed from the Xuefeng mountain tunnel through, and in An Giang interworking saw a plurality of prohibited dangerous goods transport vehicles to enter the billboard. But taking into account the around 320 National Highway Xuefeng mountain too far, spend time is too long, wanted to take advantage of rest at noon time police have check is not so strict, even if the police found money penalty is also cost-effective, so hold fluky psychology attempts to through the tunnel, did not expect or police arrest a positive.
According to the provisions of the people's Republic of China on the dangerous chemical safety management regulations, "Article 67, on the transport of dangerous goods procedures are not complete, overload, break the box, entrainment and transport of hazardous chemicals can transport at 2 million yuan more than 10 million yuan of the following fine. Xuefeng Mountain Tunnel Management Squadron immediately the seized of dangerous goods transport vehicles reported to Shaohuai brigade and police brigade organization and leadership of in-depth study, through the full investigation and evidence collection, strictly in accordance with legal procedures, decided to transport units in Anhui Province Wuhe County Bridge Motor Transport Co., Ltd. at a fine of 2 million yuan.
It is reported that Shaohuai Expressway opened, traffic gradually increase, the highway past the transport of dangerous goods vehicles increasing, especially Shaohuai highway, bridges, tunnels, the tunnel traffic safety constitute a great threat. Although the first professional police team management of the tunnel, Shao Huai brigade of Xuefengshan Tunnel Management Squadron took a series of measures to increase efforts to investigate the transport of dangerous goods vehicles, but due to the particularity of Xuefengshan tunnel, can not be completely of passing vehicles are examined. With the result that there is a considerable part of the driver in order to save time and while police rest neutral Chuang restricted access, to the transport of dangerous goods vehicles management bring great difficulty.

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