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Yuanji logistics was founded in 2009, is a professional engaged in domestic and international shipping container transportation logistics company. Adhering to the "integrity and win-win, safe, efficient and professional transportation" business purpose, to carry out the "love of the statue off the goods, economic and efficient, rest assured that thoughtful" service concept.
Company's business from the Pearl River Delta region radiation to the domestic and foreign around the container port docks and cargo distribution center, Sinotrans, China shipping, COSCO, the shipping companies and port level transport agents, have their own professional transport team. By virtue of "professional, standardized, safe and scientific" management of container shipping enterprise, the company determined to leap to a new order and make unremitting efforts.
Company spirit of "people-oriented, Shicai applicable" employing the principle, invite interested in container shipping people with lofty ideals, gathered far set, create a better future! We are looking for talents for business development:
Finance Supervisor (1)
Requirements: (Baochibaozhu, salary: negotiable)
1. College degree or above, major in finance or related
3, 2 years or above working experience in Finance (logistic experience is preferred)
3, understand the relevant national accounting laws and regulations, understand the tax laws and regulations and related tax policies
4, with leadership and organizational management capabilities, and strong coordination ability and data analysis ability
5, the understanding of financial software (Kingdee K3, Ao sea) and office software application, work a strong sense of responsibility, have good business sense of confidentiality.
Job responsibilities:
1, responsible for the monthly statistics of the company's freight forwarding and own vehicle profit table
2, responsible for the audit monthly business commission
3, responsible for the customer's order according to the amount, payment rate and profit rate to customer analysis
4, responsible for the company's financial system, process of making and revising the perfect company system, the process and forms are formulated according to the reality of the company at this stage)
5, the completion of the temporary work assigned by the superior leadership
Two, Business Manager / Supervisor (2)
Job responsibilities:
1, the company responsible for the formulation of the overall market planning, specific operation scheme and implementation, tracking, regular supervision and execution. Responsible for the construction of excellent team, training and guidance of subordinates, the establishment of talent echelon.
2, responsible for the company's business staff performance appraisal, reward and punishment measures and business commission allocation scheme. Responsible for the customer's credit investigation, responsible for tracking monthly customer receivables and operating conditions.
3, responsible for key customer visit, contract sign / fill, customer intelligence maintenance and to establish stable relations of cooperation and large direct supply customers (manufacturers) development, discussion and development.
Job requirements:
1, freight forwarding, management related professional college degree or above, age 28 years old.
2, 2-5 years logistics industry related work experience is preferred.
3, with a keen sense of sales, strong market development and business planning capabilities.
4, team building, organization and management experience is preferred.
5, full of passion for work, a sense of responsibility, dedication, can withstand the pressure.
Salary: Negotiable
Three, import / export business elite (5)
Job responsibilities:
1, maintain customers, regular and occasional visit customers, listen to customer suggestions, to complete the requirements of the customer.
2, reply to the customer inquiry, each business must ensure customer satisfaction.
3, through a variety of ways to find customers, the Pearl River Delta customers can also come to visit if necessary.
4, the weekly new customer contact and demand feedback in time.
5, finish the other work assigned by superior leader on time.
Job requirements:
1, technical secondary school or above, logistics management, HR, marketing related major is preferred. More than 1 year working experience in logistics (preferably in a telephone, sales and marketing experience).
2, understand the operation process of the logistics industry, with good communication skills, business development capacity.
3, have the sea and land business development experience, with a strong sense of responsibility.
4, familiar with the domestic port, have negotiation skills, with certain legal knowledge.
5, can withstand greater pressure of work, earnest, diligent, flexible, with the industry in the short term planning ability.
6, on the map, geographical sensitivity; to analyze and grasp the market changes
7, can be absorbed with a strong desire for the right of College graduates.
Treatment: 6-15 million
Four, operations specialist (6)
Job responsibilities:
1 loading reservation (specific time in advance of a working day and determine the loading and loading manufacturers special issues).
2 follow the vehicle (send the shipping vehicle information to the shipper's special issue).
3 cargo tracking (tracking and driver to the factory installed container No. Title).
4 counters (according to the shipping company format requirements at the cabinet number).
5 ship tracking (vessel departure date for the first time water waybill).
6. Financial arrangements put the goods (to the business of shipping company demanded on the bill and arrange company financial management at the specified date pay the shipping fees).
7 arrange the destination team (water waybills and delivery details on behalf of the collection and confirmation).
8, delivery is completed (tracking delivery time and improve the system).
Job requirements:
1, technical secondary school or above, major in logistics management is preferred. (there is a degree of experience can be relaxed).
2, familiar with computer office software, have good communication and coordination ability.
3, master the basic logistics knowledge, there is a certain knowledge of the sea.
4, can the independent accounting cost and booking, fluent expression and strong communication skills.
3, married and has priority.
Salary: Negotiable
Fringe benefits
1, five social insurance and one housing fund (pension, medical, unemployment, work injury, maternity insurance and housing provident fund).
2, entitled to sick leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity) according to the provisions of the state, injury and statutory holidays etc. paid holidays, the other to enjoy public

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