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Motto: take all the executive resolutely stop the company forward obstacles, quickly upgrade to lead the company forward engine.
Enterprise culture
Far set the vision is: to lead the new logistics concept, there is a logistics place, there is a far set
Far in mission is to reassure customers, worry and comfort, for our customers to maximize the value.
Far in spirit: life, struggle.
Far in style: keep promise, no excuse; absolute obedience, never give up; no difficulty, refuse to complain.
Far set the five values
Customer: all for customers, for customers of all
Staff: one hundred years of the achievement of the heart of the staff.
Career: to achieve the heart of the dream of the far set one hundred years unchanged.
Team: solidarity proud, ashamed to advantage.
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving to be proud, ashamed to be ungrateful
Far set the five positions
The first national position: law-abiding, never do anything to harm the interests of the state.
Second: customer position: not every customer is God, in the far set you are god.
Third: the company position: to provide a platform for employees to realize their own value.
Fourth: the boss position: lead employees to continue to go beyond, to achieve the maximization of benefits.
Fifth: staff positions: never give up, will give away in the soul.
Four basic principles of far set
All with the development to solve the problem of the principle of all the achievements of others each other win-win principle
All to the company system implementation of the principle of the ground for all to do not spread the company as a principle of negative
Far in the Thirteenth National Congress of the core concept
Business philosophy: to grasp the climatic and geographical conditions. Continuous learning, practice, innovation, will have everything.
Business philosophy: resort to deceit is less than 0, more than 0 isstead
Sales philosophy: focus on customer needs, the pursuit of customer satisfaction, and strive to improve the standard.
Service concept: service is not the best, only better, satisfaction is only the starting point, there is no end.
Wealth idea: have the virtue to have money, have no virtue to have no money.
Growth philosophy: the pain will make me strong, all the pain is the growth of the life of the fertilizer.
Life philosophy: do unto you
Work philosophy: or do not do, or do a good job, to have for, must not be.
Compensation philosophy: the results are paid, no achievement is shame.
Promotion concept: capable, light let, yongzhe.
Achievement concept: no less than the results, only the employees do not work hard.
Learning concept: the current division of the Supreme Master, the fear of heroes can be a hero.
The concept of survival: the survival of the fittest, the survival of the fittest.
Two) far set eight honor and Disgrace Outlook
To seriously proud to play slapstick ashamed; to effect results for the glory, to shame the task;
Taking responsibility for the honor, to complain to shame; loyal to the company as the honour, to betray the company;
To act immediately to proud, ashamed to shirk slack; team proud, ashamed to go it alone;
In order to study the innovation as the honor, conservative stubborn ashamed; in order to comply with the system as the honor, he is ashamed to selfish;
Three) far set six high pressure discipline
Article 1, is strictly prohibited to violate the company's position
Second, is strictly prohibited corruption, bribery
Third, is strictly prohibited"
Fourth, is strictly prohibited the spread of negative energy
Fifth, is strictly prohibited to disclose company secrets
Sixth, non partisan, destruction of team harmony
Four) far set belief: love the company, employee: love boss, stand firm, never retreat
Five) far set of thanksgiving culture
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving declaration company provides a platform for the realization of self-worth, let me fly on the platform.
Thanksgiving boss declaration: Thanksgiving boss to give opportunities to lead us to create brilliant
Thanksgiving customers declaration: only sincerely for customers to do valuable things, customers will receive the understanding that customers will become our loyal partners.
I am not a good worker, but I have a magnet team.
Far set dream:
Gather all the positive energy, realize the dream, share the wonderful life

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